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The pioneering project that brought modernism to the masses

Case Study Houses

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The Case Study House program (1945–1966) was an exceptional, innovative, and unique event in the history of American architecture. Concentrated on the Los Angeles area, the program oversaw the design of 36 prototype homes, and sought to make available plans for modern residences that could be built easily and cheaply during the postwar building boom. This highly experimental program generated designs that would redefine the modern home, and its profound influence on architecture—American and international—was evident during the program’s existence and remains so today. This compact guide includes all the projects featured in our XL edition, with over 150 photos and plans, and a map showing the locations of all the Case Study Houses, including those no longer existing.
  • "For those passionate about architecture and architects who have shaped the industry, the architect series celebrating TASCHEN's 25 years in the publishing industry is the ultimate inspiration tool. ... Written by different authors, each book is simple to read yet still gives a complete understanding of the work of each of the architects in the series."

    — Luxury Home Design Magazine, Sydney