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“Taken as a whole, the effect is dizzying, and not just because of the heights…These are truly awe-inspiring structures.”—, United States
“The whimsical charm of the simple tree house has been turned on its head by architects, designers, and craftsmen who have let their imagination run riot, as illustrated in popular architecture writer Philip Jodidio’s new book Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Sky. TASCHEN’s beautiful book reveals the world’s most spectacular and innovative tree houses—from rustic to ultra contemporary.”— Absolutely Kensington, London, United Kingdom
“Boomhutten fascineren ook volwassenen. Vaak gaat het om vaste constructies die dienst doen als hotel of restaurant. Uitgeverij TASCHEN versamelde er meer dans 50 in een boek. Onze favoriet is heet Tre Hotel in Zweden, dat bestaat uit vijf adembenemende boomhutten.”— Het Laatste Nieuws & De Nieuwe Gazet, Brussels, Belgium
“Our first impression was big and beautiful… Artist Patrick Hruby created a stunning collection of artwork for this book. Combining his illustrations throughout the book was a wonderful idea, adding a stylish touch in print to the realm of childhood tree house fantasies. I was amazed by the wonderful variety of tree houses in this book. Contemporary, rustic, romantic - there’s a shape and style for everyone. Some designed by architects, others the work of unknown craftsmen. Each house is depicted in large, beautiful photos as well as one illustration - all printed on an amazingly high quality paper. In my opinion, what makes this book an unforgettable read is the combination of quality and variety with an incredible attention to details, and most importantly, sparking our imagination and creativity while daydreaming amongst the treetops.”— Busyboo, Kfar Yona, Israel
“Part nature loving design tome, part Tim Burton-esque fantasy; this impressive book explores the sometimes weird and wacky world of tree houses. It showcases a variety of styles – some practical, some fantastical – but all absolutely innovative in the way they embrace nature and provide shelter. If you’re looking for a new perspective on how people live, and long to hark back to your childhood days (when a tree house was the place you most wanted to live), then this fun and informative read is well worth branching out for.”— Sunday Mail, Glasgow, United Kingdom
“As soon as we picked up Philip Jodidio's Tree Houses, a book that combines our childhood fantasy with grown-up savoir-faire, we knew we were in for a dreamy ride.”—, New York, United States
Tree Houses is perfect for those ‘kids’ who haven’t grown up yet and is truly special book that you’d be proud to have sitting on any coffee table.”— Quirky Happenings, London, United Kingdom
“The presentation is first class as you would expect from TASCHEN, with clean scans presenting all these antique elements to a very high standard and the package is completed with the welcome inclusion of the special keycard; a unique access code unlocking a website containing over 2400 high-resolution scans available for download. A truly exhaustive collection covering a wide range of styles and a worthy package for any design studio.”— Wings Art, Bristol, United Kingdom
“So cool are the new breed of tree houses, they’ve even merited their own design book.”— Daily Mail Online, London, United Kingdom
«Oltre 50 progetti provenienti da tutto il mondo illustrano le fantasiose rivisitazioni, elaborate da noti architetti, di un sistema costruttivo che ha del magino e dell’onirico.»— Lifestyle Journal, Milano, Italy
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Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

Philip Jodidio
Hardcover, 10.2 x 13.4 in., 352 pages
$ 69.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: 04/2014
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