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“A beautiful book that is typical of TASCHEN design and production, large format with only enough text to enhance the stunning photographs and illustrations…This is a true coffee-table book – you will want to put it on show…The striking visual format makes it easy to get lost in this childhood fantasy.”— Owner Builder, Sydney, Australia
“Taken as a whole, the effect is dizzying, and not just because of the heights…These are truly awe-inspiring structures.”—, United States
“The whimsical charm of the simple tree house has been turned on its head by architects, designers, and craftsmen who have let their imagination run riot, as illustrated in popular architecture writer Philip Jodidio’s new book Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Sky. TASCHEN’s beautiful book reveals the world’s most spectacular and innovative tree houses—from rustic to ultra contemporary.”— Absolutely Kensington, London, United Kingdom
“Far from the branch-mounted forts of our youth, modern tree homes can be everything from old-fashioned elevated cabins to striking steel and glass retreats. Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air celebrates all these dwellings, both big and small, romantic and modern. 50 tree houses from around the globe are featured in its 300 pages, with several photos and a description of each, and a short biography of each architect, as well. Known to cause nostalgia, jealousy of birds and squirrels, and a strong desire to relocate to the forest nearest you.”—
«A somewhat eclectic mosaic of photographs, charmingly interspersed with Patrick Hruby’s naive illustrations.»
— Air France Magazine, Paris, France
“A perfect present for your favorite dreamer, Philip Jodidio’s Tree Houses will delight you. With dozens of examples of these Fairy Tale Castles in the Air to choose from, you will only be able to pick a favorite under extreme duress.”—, United States
"Tree Houses riccamente illustrato con foto e immagini fa fare al lettore un tour virtuale nel magico mondo delle case sugli alberi, alcune progettate da architetti, altre frutto del lavoro di artisti."—, Italy
"Non è un sogno, la casa sull'albero esiste davvero. E ci puoi persino dormire… Per scegliere il tuo nido preferito sfoglia il libro Tree Houses di TASCHEN."— Donna Moderna, Milano, Italy
“A gorgeous new book… we’re kind of obsessed with treehouses at the moment.”—, Oakland, United States
“While tree houses are often associated with one’s childhood, adults have taken it upon themselves to create some unbelievable buildings that are far more incredible than one could ever imagine. You won’t believe your eyes as you witness each architectural wonder.”—, New York, United States
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Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

Philip Jodidio
Hardcover, 10.2 x 13.4 in., 352 pages
$ 69.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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