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Space age architecture -

Space age architecture


$ 9.99
Edition: English
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"Disappearing space seems to me to be the most durable and endurable and life-giving quality in architecture."
- John Lautner

American architect John Lautner (1911-1994) is responsible for some of the most original buildings of the space age and, indeed, the 20th century. The residences he designed in the Los Angeles area, including the Chemosphere House and the Silvertop, are synonymous with the hopes and dreams of an entire era. Characterized by sweeping rooflines, glass-paneled walls, and steel beams, his buildings displayed a combination of fantasy and minimalism, often integrating water and incorporating surrounding landscapes. Lautner always placed great importance on the relationship between humans, space, and nature.
  • "Le livre, illustré de superbes photographies, présente ses plus belles réalisations et de nombreux plans et croquis. Une découverte surprenante. "

    — Revista, Biarritz, France