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"Discover the audacious and futuristic designs that have launched her to international fame with 120 photographs and sketches."— Essential Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom, London, United Kingdom
«Le travail majeur d’une artiste singulière... Zaha Hadid est aujourd’hui fermement établie parmi l’élite de l’architecture mondiale; ses créations audacieuses et futuristes l’ont catapultée au sommet de la gloire internationale.»— AS, Paris, France
"I was a little skeptical about these handbag-sized books about so-called starchitects, Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano. What, no more dumbed-down, glossy coffee table versions of much more complex stories? And while, the some extent, this may be true and the content is certainly compact, these books are surprisingly enlightening, mainly due to author Philip Jodidio’s architectural knowledge, superb photography of the key projects and crucially, the revealing personal interviews with the architects. I actually like the fact that the books are transportable; I’ve been carrying mine around with me, picking them up and down at will, being ‘wowed’ by the plethora of exciting projects and the architects imaginations."— Architecture NZ, Auckland, New Zealand
„Hadid ist in der globalen Architekturelite angekommen und heute in aller Welt berühmt für ihren futuristischen Baustil.”— Opus C, Köln, Germany
„Auf 96 Seiten hat der TASCHEN-Verlag ausgesuchte Projekte der in Bagdad geborenen Pritzker-Preisträgerin anschaulich gebündelt. Hochwertige Bilder, Pläne, Visualisierungen und teils Handskizzen sowie erläuternder Text begleiten jedes Projekt und dienen dem besseren Verständnis.”— Trenddokument, Moers, Germany
Hadid (Basic Architecture Series)


Philip Jodidio
Softcover with flaps, 7.3 x 9.1 in., 96 pages
$ 9.99
Edition: English
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