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Stefano, Italien, 27. August 2014
Gentili Signori,
ho visto sulla vostra newsletter che è prevista l'apertura di un nuovo negozio a Milano, si potrebbe saper qualche cosa di più.

Grazie e continuate così
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Alan Barros Nogueira, Brasilien, 26. August 2014
I saw that you are talking about launching a trade edition of Kubrick's 2001 book. I know that this book will not be release this year. My question is What contents from the limited edition will be present at trade edition?
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Deutschland, 28. August 2014
Dear Alan,
we haven't yet determined how a trade edition will look like, but most likely it will be similar (albeit smaller and a bit more conventional in execution) to the "making of" volume of the limited set.
Best wishes,
2.  Alan Barros Nogueira, Brasilien, 03. September 2014
A fac-simile of the screenplay could be wonderful.
3.  Mark Foster, Großbritannien, 03. September 2014
Will there be new additional material in this new edition, I wonder?
Thomas, Deutschland, 23. August 2014
Hallo Taschen,

ich überlege mir das neue Kubrick-Buch in der Art-A-Edition zu kaufen. Gibt es ein deutsches Begleitheft zu dem Buch?

Schöne Grüße
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Deutschland, 25. August 2014
Hallo Thomas,
eine deutsche Übersetzung liegt bislang noch nicht vor, eine spätere Buchhandelsausgabe (die noch zu gestalten wäre) würde diese dann aber sicherlich beinhalten.
Beste Grüße,
Ludovic, Frankreich, 22. August 2014
je reviens vers vous afin d'avoir une information mise à jour sur la date de parution des trois derniers tomes (the bronze age, the dark age et the modern age) sur DC COMICS.
Un de ces tomes contiendra t'il la frise qui était disponible dans le gros volume ?
Merci de votre réponse
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1.  Josh, Art Director, TASCHEN America, USA, 26. August 2014
Dear Ludovic,
The current plan is to release the Bronze Age book in Spring of 2015, with other editions coming thereafter.
Regarding the timeline – they are planned to be exclusive to the original big book. But don’t worry, all the new material included in the 3 upcoming volumes will more than make up for it!
Niki, Kanada, 21. August 2014
Hi. Just wondering if you know yet when your book on Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be published/available to order? I can't wait to see the cover and pictures from inside the book!! :)
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1.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Deutschland, 25. August 2014
Dear Niki,
currently this heavyweight is scheduled for 2015 – we'll keep you informed!
Best wishes,
2.  Niki, USA, 26. August 2014
Glad to hear that Arnold is still in the pipeline! Do you anticipate a early or late 2015 release? Thanks!!! :)
3.  Florian, TASCHEN Editor, Cologne, Deutschland, 28. August 2014
Dear Niki,
at this point it is still too early to predict the precise date, thanks for your patience!
Best wishes,
rafael perez, Mexiko, 17. August 2014
Hola Amigos, saludos desde Nayarit Mexico, primero que nada felicitarlos por la excelente variedad de libros de arte que manejan, los colecciono y valoro mucho, por lo que quisiera saber si van a reeditar los libros de Eugene Delacroix y de Alfonse Mucha, ya que no los puedo conseguir. Y espero saquen a la venta proximamente la version economica de Albert Oehelen. Gracias
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1.  María Eugenia Mariam, PR Manager, Spanien, 20. August 2014
Hola Rafael, en efecto, reeditaremos Mucha en breve, este otoño, pero Delacroix, aún no. Muchas gracias por tus comentarios y por seguirnos,
saludos cordiales
Doug, USA, 14. August 2014
I see that Taschen is working on a book of Michael Muller's Shark photographs. Can't wait for this one! Is it going to be one of your limited collector edition books? Thank you-Doug
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Bill, USA, 11. August 2014
Hi. A previous poster inquired if there were any plans to publish a photo book on Chinatown. The answer was no. I am wondering if there are plans to publish a photo book on another film? The Godfather and Taxi Driver books were truly wonderful, and I am hoping that Taschen is going to continue that series. If you are planning to publish another limited edition film monograph book, could you give us a hint on what it will be? Thank you.
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1.  Paul Duncan, Editor, Großbritannien, 13. August 2014
Hi Bill,
Sorry, nothing definite at the moment, but as soon as something is confirmed we'll let you know. Meanwhile, plenty more film books coming your way...
Robino J, USA, 11. August 2014
I received my 2001 book last Friday and it is absolutely amazing- Great work Taschen! Here's a small video I made when unboxing my set.
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1.  TASCHEN´s #1 Fan, Deutschland, 11. August 2014
Great video! The book looks amazing, especially the Monolith case.

2.  Stephen, Kanada, 12. August 2014
Great unboxing video.
My copy arrived today. Excellently packed. Heavy, since contents are both the solid books and the metal monolith container. Contents gorgeous. Top quality. Thank you Amy Quinn at Taschen, USA, for all of your help in helping my order get delivered. For those who did not get the 1000 series, the art edition will be an excellent choice and surprisingly still seems to be available.
3.  Amy Quinn, USA, 13. August 2014
My pleasure, Stephen! I hope you enjoy this wonderful title.
Filippo, Großbritannien, 10. August 2014
Dear Marie,
thank you for your kind - albeit not strictly true - reply: I bought a limited edition copy of your Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon book on Amazon.uk, as a pre-order, exactly as I did a few months ago with the 2001 limited edition book. I am not in a position to explain why what worked fine a few years ago didn't today. Maybe you are.
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