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“I love the superheroes book by TASCHEN. It always brings out the inner child in mums and dads who visit the shop because everyone wants to be a superhero.”— ES Magazine, London, Großbritannien
„Mit gewohnter Sorgfalt hat TASCHEN bei der Produktion dieser sagenhaften Werkschau auf jedes noch so kleine Detail geachtet... TASCHEN hat mit diesem Band die Messlatte für zukünftige Comic-Bildbände extrem hoch gelegt.”— Matrix, Berlin, Deutschland
"Paul Levitz: TASCHEN hat Dinge ausgegraben, von deren Existenz wir nicht einmal geträumt haben ... Egal, wer Sie sind, Sie werden Dinge entdecken, die Sie nie zuvor gesehen haben."— Previews Magazine, London, Großbritannien
"Héros des enfants, nostalgie des adultes, utopie d'un monde de justice, depuis 1935 les DC Comics font rêver petits et grands. TASCHEN rassemble de superbes planches, des photos d'époque (film, objets ou décors), des hommages aux créateurs et aux dessinateurs et retrace l'épopée d'un courant culturel éternellement jeune. Attention, le livre est au format de ses héros, super grand!"— Point de Vue, Paris, Frankreich
"…It seems a far cry from the days of comic books. We are reminded of the innocence of those days in TASCHEN’s voluminous and definitive survey 75 Years of DC Comics, published to justified acclaim last year. It reproduces a Superman cover from 1978, in which the Man of Steel is pitted, not against Batman, but Muhammad Ali, in the boxing ring. The antagonists are watched by an audience including Michael Jackson, Jerry Garcia, President Jimmy Carter. The fight is billed as the ‘greatest…of all time-and-space’…"— Financial Times, London, Großbritannien
"La super-bible. Ne cherchez pas ailleurs: c’est la bible pour tous les fondus de comics américains et de super-héros en justaucorps. 720 pages grand format pour tout savoir sur Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. Bref, l’histoire de la maison DC, éternelle rivale de Marvel."— VSD, Paris, Frankreich
“Seventy-five years and 40,000 comic books later, TASCHEN celebrates DC’s history with full-colour reproductions of covers, stills and original illustrations. Relive Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and fantasy characters through more than 2,000 images.”— Globe and Mail, Toronto, Kanada
“Shopping for a DC fan? There’s no better way to look at where DC has been than to do so with 75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking by Paul Levitz, former president of DC Comics, who has been with the company for over 35 years. This book is seriously huge.”— Geekchicdaily.com
“DC Comics has now had the TASCHEN treatment and the result is itself a phenomenon…this is absolutely the definitive book on DC Comics, it’s history and its profile today. The author, Paul Levitz, is perfectly placed to command this accolade…this is as work of love, and Levitz’ breadth of knowledge and attention to minute detail is truly astonishing. And then, the illustrations – more than 2,000 – encompassing preparatory drawings, front covers, collectibles, movie links, page spreads, rare examples of vintage titles: complete with archive photographs of the great graphic artists that created these works…The production quality is outstanding, the XL format enables original cover to be reproduced full size – and the authentic text is unbeatable. …TASCHEN’s platform of in-depth, single subject surveys, has reached a zenith with this scintillating edition.”— State Magazine, London, Großbritannien
“I’m letting you know that should you be any type of comic book fan at heart, be in love with American popular culture, or more specifically DC Comics, you owe it to yourself (and your descendants) to park a copy of 75 Years of DC Comics in your home somewhere. Some coffee-tables aren’t going to be sturdy enough to handle this thing; it’s a beast…Having seen many wonderful, extravagant packages put together over the years in the field, I was nonetheless unprepared for wondrous box…75 Years of DC Comics is much more than a history of graphic storytelling from this particular company. It’s even more than a labor of love from Levitz, though I’m sure it’s all that. Somehow this brings to life a significant part of America, as seen through the eyes and words and brush strokes of diverse people from around the world. Every page, each look, brings to life a different individual memory, just like the pages bring alive characters and time periods. In comparison to the modern comic book world of endless storylines, gimmicks, endings that don't ever take place, characters dead or alive, the Golden and Silver Age of DC Comics appears remarkable clean, adventurous, exciting and emotionally tugging…I cannot even begin to accurately describe the design elements that went into this package. Go to the TASCHEN website, electronically leaf through the book, and you’ll be wowed. I’m here to tell you that’s the equivalent of seeing a photograph of a piece of original art. Somehow find a way to have a copy of this in your life if you count passion for DC Comics as an important element of yourself.”— Stuff I Like by John Koenig, New York, USA
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75 Jahre DC Comics. Die Kunst moderne Mythen zu schaffen (XL-Format)

75 Jahre DC Comics. Die Kunst moderne Mythen zu schaffen

Paul Levitz
Hardcover, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 720 Seiten
$ 200

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  • Mein liebstes Buch von TASCHEN ist...
Stan Lee

"Fast alle TASCHEN-Bücher sind Schönheiten und dazu ein echtes Lesevergnügen. Mein bisheriger Favorit ist das großformatige, fantastisch illustrierte 75 Years of DC Comics von Paul Levitz: ein visuelles Denkmal sowohl für sein Sujet wie für die Qualitätsbesessenheit seines Verlegers."
Illustration von Robert Nippoldt
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