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"Mastodónico objeto de culto que repasa la historia de la editorial en la que surgieron personajes como Batman, y obras maestras como Watchmen. A sus 720 páginas en formato XL sólo les falta la música que John Williams compuso para Superman para que el fan rompa a aplaudir."— El Dominical, Madrid, Spanien
"A huge, scrumptious book, packed with colour pictures, celebrating DC Comics, who introduced Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman."— Birmingham Mail, Birmingham, Großbritannien
"Less a coffee-table book than a table in itself, this gargantuan tome traces the history of the world's most influential comics company, from the Atom to Wonder Woman. A real collector's item - and must-have for DC fans."— Independent on Sunday, London, Großbritannien
"This book is the mother lode. It is one of the biggest books ever written dedicated to the comic book art form. And what is great is the wealth of pictures and information, not just on the comics but the many spin-offs over the years. You'll find toys you forgot you owned 40 years ago and stills from the films, TV shows and serials that have come out of the DC comics world. This is a book that reminds you just how fantastic the artwork and writing was in these, and what a vital contribution comics, and DC in particular, have played in popular culture today. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without Superman and Batman, and these pages will make you glad you don't have to."— Cinema Retro, Dorset, Großbritannien
"I guarantee you: No noses will turn up at a gift so monumental in scope (75 years of history), in length (720 pages), in size (11.5 X 15.6 inches), and in weight (15 pounds). And given its price point (a cool $200), and These Trying Economic Times, you can be reasonably certain the comics fan on your list doesn't already own it. And let's put that price tag in context: at just over $13 per pound, it's only about as much as sushi-grade yellowtail. Of course, once you throw in incidentals - the podium, track lighting, and sound system wired to blast Also Sprach Zarathustra whenever you approach - it's a sizable investment. But hey: We're worth it."— NPR.org, USA
"And also I wanted to remind you again that if you're at all interested in DC Comics or in giving your mailman a hernia, you'll want to order a copy of 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking by Paul Levitz. It's a very big book that does justice to a very big topic."— Newsfromme.com, USA
"The biggest gift you can buy a comic book fan this holiday season is 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking, the new release from TASCHEN that began as a historical project but now may qualify as a history-making one with its colossal ambitions, insight and collected rarities." Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles
"You can stop looking for gifts to give the comics fan in your life. From high-end publisher TASCHEN comes 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking, a 720 page behemoth, boasting incredible production values, fold-out page spreads, trivia, oversized photographs, richly detailed cover and interior art reproductions, an engaging and exhausting history of DC Comics, and its very own carrying case. And the recipient of this generous gift will need to use the handle on said case, given that the book weighs close to 20 pounds. Pity the mail carrier who delivers this to your doorstep... Just be sure this is the last present the comics fan in your life opens this December, as it's an impossible act to follow."
— Omnivoracious.com, USA
"From Batman to Wonder Woman, the most comprehensive book on DC Comics leaps off the page in an extra-large edition for the Superman in your life."— Glo.msn.com, USA
"Anlässlich des 75-jährigen Verlagsjubiläums hat der stets durch innovative Formate und Publikations-Design glänzende TASCHEN-Verlag nun das umfangreichste Buch über DC Comics im XL-Format geschaffen. ... In enger Kooperation mit DC Comics und deren hauseigenem Archiv ist eine Art ‚DC Bibel' entstanden."— Comics.blogspot.com, Berlin, Deutschland
"Faszinierende Bilder und eine gigantische Stofffülle."— Max.de, München, Deutschland
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75 Jahre DC Comics. Die Kunst moderne Mythen zu schaffen (XL-Format)

75 Jahre DC Comics. Die Kunst moderne Mythen zu schaffen

Paul Levitz
Hardcover, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 720 Seiten
$ 200

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  • Mein liebstes Buch von TASCHEN ist...
Stan Lee

"Fast alle TASCHEN-Bücher sind Schönheiten und dazu ein echtes Lesevergnügen. Mein bisheriger Favorit ist das großformatige, fantastisch illustrierte 75 Years of DC Comics von Paul Levitz: ein visuelles Denkmal sowohl für sein Sujet wie für die Qualitätsbesessenheit seines Verlegers."
Illustration von Robert Nippoldt
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