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"Life offers a stunning collection of wildlife photographer Frans Lanting’s finest work. Here, he reveals the hidden beauty of life on earth, in all its curious forms, from microbes to vast geological formations and many things in between. The result is a truly fascinating volume, which is not only an informative piece, but a spectacular work of art in its own right."— Image, Dublin, Irland
"We are currently drooling over Dutch photographer Frans Lanting's, Life a thoughtful and visually intoxicating look at life on earth, in all its diverse manifestations."—, New York, USA
"Frans Lanting takes advantage of photography's timeless quality to accentuate the most primeval aspects of diverse animals, plants and fossils. The images in Life seem like postcards from the earliest moments of life on earth. A black heron fishing in Botswana's Okavango Delta hides beneath the penumbra of its wings and appears more like a water lily or some nomadic tent. Resting in the fork of a Madagascan tree, a lemur fuses with the trunk. A flower-hat jellyfish resembles some microscopic organism blown up for the human eye. Mr. Lanting relishes the colors and textures of nature's flora and fauna, but he shapes them into totems. The quiver trees in South Africa's Richtersveld National Park are posed not against blue sky but against harsh red rocky soil that evokes Mars and emphasizes the trees' remarkable endurance in arid terrain. Mr. Lanting's almost abstract deployment of color takes us out of time: The earth stands still, and life is what endures."— The Wall Street Journal, New York, USA
"The resulting volume is a glorious picture book of planet earth depicting the amazing biodiversity that surrounds us all. Lanting’s true gift lies beyond his technical mastery: it is his eye for geometry in the beautiful chaos of nature that allows him to show us the world as it has never been seen before... From crabs to jellyfish, diatoms to vast geological formations, jungles to flowers, monkeys to human embryos, Life is a testament to the magical beauty of life in all its forms and is one of Lanting’s most remarkable achievements."—, Griechenland
„Der bekannte niederländische Naturfotograf Frans Lanting zeigt in seinem Buch Leben einen ungewohnten Blick auf die Evolution des Lebens auf unserem Planeten. Beeindruckende Bilder von Landschaften, aber auch Mikroorganismen, wie man sie noch nie gesehen hat.”— Chip, München, Deutschland
"As we’re currently going through a seriously ‘hikerdelic’ phase, where given the chance we’ll be out there communing with nature and enjoying the natural highs that can only be provided by escaping modern life and surrounding yourself with flora and fauna, this book is the perfect solution to those annoying times when we can’t escape to the country... It’s something of a magical book that deserves to be shared around a camp-fire with your fellow nature loving mates, pretty much guaranteeing a starry-eyed debate about the meaning of life, the universe and why jelly-fish are just so fucking cool."— PROPER Mag, Stockport, Großbritannien
«Sur le terrain des origines. Un panorama fascinant, éloge de la biodiversité sur terre, et parallèlement un défi photographique.»— Déclic Photo, Paris, Frankreich
"Life examines life in all its wonder and peculiarities, from great and vast landscapes to the near invisible micro-organisms that float about the air, from Jurassic fossils and rock formations to the birth of new life. It is a portfolio of the exquisite art and architecture of the natural world, celebrated here in all its wonder."— Traveller, London, Großbritannien
"This coffee-table volume showcases images taken throughout Lanting’s long, much-garlanded career. Conceived as a visual history of life on Earth, it opens with spectacular shots of the world’s best-known wildlife."— BBC Wildlife, London, Großbritannien
"That idea sparked a seven-year quest that culminated in a 2006 book Life: A Journey Through Time, re-released in June in a new format by TASCHEN; a traveling photo exhibition; and a multimedia show performed worldwide... Lanting photographed on every continent – by air, sea, and land – and consulted scientists from various disciplines to build a visual timeline depicting the evolution of life."— Professional Photographer Magazine, Atlanta, USA
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Frans Lanting. LEBEN

Frans Lanting. LEBEN

Frans Lanting, Christine Eckstrom
Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.2 in., 304 Seiten
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