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"In this latest book – called simply Bob Willoughby: Audrey Hepburn (published by TASCHEN), and released three years after his death in 2009 – we are treated to a showcase of both rare and famous images of Hepburn throughout her storied career."— Reader’s Digest, Australien
“Opening this book I found… her beauty still reached out to me. It is a photographer’s love affair with his camera on a woman who was part sprite, part human.”— The American, London, Großbritannien
“This is clearly a must-have for fans of Hepburn but this book paints a fascinating picture of a famous face through this compelling collection of images.”— Digital Photographer, London, Großbritannien
«A vida de Audrey Hepburn em imagens, como Bob Willoughby a conheceu.»—, Lisbon, Portugal
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Bob Willoughby. Audrey Hepburn

Bob Willoughby. Audrey Hepburn

Hardcover, 11.2 x 14.1 in., 280 Seiten
$ 69.99

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