Norman Mailer. MoonFire. Die legendäre Reise der Apollo 11 - Rezensionen (2)

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"...un must pour les tous les fans de la conquête spatiale."— Trends Tendances, Bruxelles, Belgien
"Wortgewaltig, bildgewaltig, über 3 kg schwer kommt dieses ultimative Mondbuch daher ... Das Unternehmen Apollo 11 wird als technisches Ereignis, als Ausdruck der Kultur und des Geistes der späten 1960er-Jahre und der ganz eigenen ‚NASA-Kultur' ebenso scharfsinnig wie scharfzüngig kommentiert und analysiert - unbedingt anschaffen!"— Ekz.Bibliotheksservice, Reutlingen, Deutschland
"Der große Schriftsteller Norman Mailer berichtet in diesem brillant geschriebenen Luxusbuch über den Umgang der Wissenschaft mit der Raumfahrt ... Provokante und treffsichere Einsichten in dieses epochale Ereignis."— Recover, Wien, Österreich
"Dieser beeindruckende Bild- und Sachband zur Mondlandung kann komplexer, übersichtlicher, umfassender und leicht verständlicher nicht sein. Ich finde, dass man diesen Bildband in seiner Gesamtheit nicht genug loben kann. ... Dieses Buch ist einfach absolut genial."—, Berlin, Deutschland
"This 'More Precious than Gold' edition is part literary, part interactive design, part actual moon rock and 100% amazing. The book, Norman Mailer's "Moonfire" is enclosed in a replica of the Apollo 11 lunar module 'whose surface is an actual 3D topography of the Moon made from a single piece of aluminium,' weighing in at nearly 50 lbs. The moonrock itself is individually packaged, but wait, there's more! TASCHEN is also throwing in a 'heady-to-hang, archival-quality, numbered photographic print' of Buzz Aldrin, signed by the moonwalker himself...But you have to hurry. Even though the moonrocks are going for as much as $766,000 (relax, that's the price of the rarest and largest moonrock ever found) they're quickly selling out."—, Park City, USA
"Un volumen soberbio. No se puede añadir más."— REM, Madrid, Spanien
"There are things in life which, if attended to with half-measures, will certainly fail. Moon landings are one; books about moon landings are another; press releases about fifteen-hundred-dollar books about moon landings are another. Thank god, then, that TASCHEN is an imprint-the imprint-that does nothing by halves."—, New York, USA
"Originally published as a hugely expensive special edition, complete with a piece of moon rock, the publisher's lower-price 35th anniversary 'popular edition' is a steal at the RRP above, and a total bargain at the discounted prices you'll see on the high street and online. It must be some kind of anniversary fatigue that means that MoonFire - The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 appears to be so undervalued: if you regard manned space flight as the ultimate flying experience as we do, you'll be blown away by this wonderful book. The text is by an American literary giant. ... Combine this with photographs from NASA's vast archive, many of them previously unpublished, and art publisher TASCHEN's design expertise, and you have a titanic alliance. MoonFire is so all-encompassing in its scope and so brilliantly done that in one volume it eclipses the entire library of even the most ardent admirer of the space programme. While it would be worth the asking price for the text alone, the pictures - several of them gate-fold panoramas - are simply breathtaking. You don't just get images from the Apollo 11 mission - everything is there, from portraits of the scientists and engineers to pictures of the astronaut's family lives. The effect is to really put you there, replaying in near totality the events of July 1969. There has been nothing to match the Apollo programme - mankind's greatest adventure - in the 40-odd years since, and MoonFire is assuredly the definitive record."— Today's Pilot, Stamford, USA
"Leading art book publisher TASCHEN has not let the 40th anniversary go unheralded; its book Norman Mailer, MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 is available in a limited edition of 1,969 copies....The Apollo mission's incongruous blend of the everyday and the magnificent comes alive in hundreds of photographs... It's still stunning. Yet it was also human: At the moment of the moon landing, Buzz Aldrin's wife, Joan, is captured turning her face away from the television, a blur of emotion... we haven't been back since 1972, perhaps the discovery of water on the moon will prompt a return. There's another way to touch the moon, though - 12 copies of this book come with genuine lunar rock."— Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, USA
"This new, slightly scaled-down version is still a gorgeous compendium of photographs and notes from the landing, including jaw-dropping spreads."— Time Out Chicago, Chicago, USA
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Norman Mailer. MoonFire. Die legendäre Reise der Apollo 11 (Jumbo)

Norman Mailer. MoonFire. Die legendäre Reise der Apollo 11

Norman Mailer, Colum McCann
Hardcover mit Ausklappern, 10.6 x 12.8 in., 348 Seiten
Sonderausgabe, nur $ 39.99
Originalausgabe $ 1,000

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