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"Margolies’ collection of photographs and postcards is easily one of the largest in the world of America’s first renaissance on the roadside, and TASCHEN wisely steered clear of cluttering the pages with too many images or kitschy design dingbats. The result is Margolies’ best slides in breathtaking reproduction to make even the most cautious homebody want to rev up the Chevrolet to see the U.S.A."— Forecast Public Art, St. Paul, USA
"... this title is a great talking point, its quirky but above all its an inspirational graphical demonstration of the individual that deserves to be remembered by all."—, Großbritannien
"Thirty-some years in the making, John Margolies' camera rescues memories of the American highway from the obliterating jaws of history. Its 256 pages present hundreds of relics that today we'd only expect to see in a National Lampoon's film, but were once taken surprisingly seriously. Well, as seriously as one could ever take a billboard for a jail in St. Augustine, Florida, a supersonic car wash in Billings, Montana or The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois. The pictures would certainly be enough, but there is accompanying text by New York Times writer Phil Patton. Don't look for answers in the words, though - because, let's face it, there aren't words to resolve enigmas like the giant, angry ape on the Rawhide City billboard in Mandan, North Dakota. And it's probably best not to even ask. Just enjoy the show..."—, USA
"Fruits d'un travail de plus de trois décennies, ces quatre cents photos, noir et blanc ou couleur, sont sacrément dépaysantes, loin des clichés de l'Amérique."— L'Automobile, Paris, Frankreich
"A new book by photographer John Margolies, Roadside America, explores our evolving taste and the changing face of America's roadsides. It's a survey of oddities - jumbo bananas, wacky billboard language, neon lights - that has been documenting for the past 30 years, over the course of 100,000 miles on the road. Maybe I'm wrong, but we don't seem to be erecting enormous papier-mache-looking dinosaurs in the middle of nowhere anymore. Unfortunately, our tastes have apparently changed."—, USA
"John Margolies spent three decades traveling the United States to collect the photographs presented in Roadside America. These public relics recall a past distinguished by playful design without corporate uniformity."— Public Art Review, St. Paul, USA
"Die Hommage des Fotografen John Margolies an die einzigartige US-Straßenkultur. Der Fotoband ist ein Nachruf auf eine überlebte Epoche."— Die Tageszeitung, Berlin, Deutschland
"In dem hübschen Band Roadside America dokumentiert der Fotograf John Margolies seine Fahrten der letzten 30 Jahre über die Highways und Landstraßen Amerikas, stets auf der Suche nach ausgefallenen Bauten. So sind Margolies Reisen durch die USA auch so etwas wie Expeditionen in Traumwelten."—, Berlin, Deutschland
"Im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten und unendlichen Distanzen ist man in erster Linie mit dem Auto unterwegs. Da lohnt sich die Werbung am Straßenrand. ... John Margolies dokumentiert mit 400 Fotos solche Plakate, Figuren und Beschilderungen - und zwar jene, die noch von Hand gemalt oder gebastelt wurden."— Annabelle, Zürich, Schweiz
"So entstand Roadside America, der Attrappenwald einer Nation, die ständig auf Achse ist. John Margolies hat drei Jahrzehnte lang die immer rarer werdenden Bauten und Schilder prächtig dokumentiert."— Der Standard, Wien, Österreich
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John Margolies. Roadside America

John Margolies. Roadside America

John Margolies, Jim Heimann, Phil Patton, C. Ford Peatross
Hardcover, 12.2 x 10.1 in., 256 Seiten
$ 39.99

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