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"... a provocateur who can evoke the hidden, the unspeakable."— The New York Times, USA
"Helmut Newton's SUMO is a classic provocation from the master fantasist"— Vanity Fair, USA
"I don't even look at it as a book. I look at it as an object."— Helmut Newton, in: Vanity Fair, USA
"A Book? Furniture? It's both!"— Fortune, USA
"Mr. Newton is certainly one of the most controversial photographers ever to apply the notion of sin to fashion and celebrity."— The New York Times, USA
"30 kilos of erotica - a superlative book!"— BILD, Hamburg, Deutschland
"Were it not blasphemy - the new volume of photographs by Helmut Newton should be called 'the book of books'"— Max, Deutschland
"Heavyweight book champ (Just don't drop it on your toe)"— the business FT weekend magazine, Großbritannien
"SUMO, a book of immoderate dimensions"— Le Monde, Frankreich
"SUMO is just brilliant"— Libération, Frankreich
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Helmut Newton's SUMO (Collector's Edition)
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Helmut Newton's SUMO

Helmut Newton
Hardcover mit Buchständer, 19.7 x 27.6 in., 464 Seiten
$ 15,000
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Die Entstehung des teuersten Buchs der Welt. Ein Film von Julian Benedikt (2000).