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“In 2008 Rheims accepted a private commission to photograph Olga Rodionova, the wife of a Russian oligarch. This is one of several similar commissions she has undertaken in Russia over the past few years, a country where, she says, 'you can go much further with your fantasies'. With the encouragement of Rheims, the one-off commission became a continuing, increasingly more explicit project... The resulting project was published by TASCHEN under the title The Book of Olga and was lauded by French critics as a work of art.”— Professional Photographer, London, Großbritannien
„So sexy hat die französische Fotografin Bettina Rheims noch für kein Buch fotografiert: gewagte Portraits einer hinreißenden Frau ... Das Resultat ist gleichermaßen eine Liebeserklärung, ein künstlerisches Statement wie eine Studie in Exhibitionismus.“—, München, Deutschland
„Olga Rodionovas Körper ist ergötzlich anzuschauen, die Aufnahmen sind technisch brillant und mit einigen kreativen Ideen belebt ... Rodionova inszenierte sich als Marie Antoinette, Domina und Pin-up-Girl. Und jede dieser Rollen füllt sie so professionell aus, dass keine Wünsche offen bleiben.“— Fotohits, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
„Ein wenig mehr Haut gefällig? Femme fatale Olga Rodionova, die Ehefrau eines russischen Millionärs, geizt in The Book of Olga sicherlich nicht mit ihren Reizen. In über 100 Aufnahmen übt sich die sexy Lady in den unterschiedlichsten Rollen(spielen). Von Schwarzweiß-Motiven im Sado-Maso-Look bis hin zu Sujets im Marie-Antoinette-Stil - Olga zeigt alles.“— Format, Wien, Österreich
"Der gut betuchte Gatte der Moskauer femme fatale und Jet-Setterin Olga Rodionova engagierte die Star-Fotografin Bettina Rheims, um seine Angebetete in drei erotischen Fantasien in Szene gesetzt zu sehen ... Das Resultat ist gleichermaßen eine Liebeserklärung, ein künstlerisches Statement wie eine Studie in Exhibitionismus."— Modern Times, Linz (A), Österreich
“Flashy ostentation meets high art in Moscow this month, as one Russian oligarch shows off his most precious asset…We can’t comment on the high society etiquette surrounding such a publication, but it’s certainly classier than One Night in Paris.”— Voyager, London, Großbritannien
The Book of Olga is, as a matter of fact, a fairy tale. It is the story of a wealthy prince very much in love with his beautiful wife. The prince is a Russian oligarch, Sergei Rodionov, who owns banks and magazines. The wife is a beautiful 30-something blonde named Olga... The prince oligarch has never asked to see a single image from the selection but insists on reading the text from the sulfurous French writer Catherine Millet, who, a few years earlier, published a controversial book on her sex life as a swinger. The fairy tale is published and priced in a limited edition: 1,000 copies, each costing $ 500. The entire edition sells out in days. How nice fairy tales are when everyone is rich and beautiful.”— American Photo, New York, USA
“We meet to talk about her latest incarnation as the star of The Book of Olga. This is a collection of erotic portraits by the acclaimed French photographer Bettina Rheims, published here by TASCHEN next week. Olga is coy about the details but it is evident that the project was, as ever, funded by husband Sergey. After commissioning cover shoots for the Russian editions of Playboy and FHM, he thought it was time for his wife to appear in a book. One thousand limited-edition copies will be available, each costing £300....The book is extraordinarily explicit and shockingly pornographic... Some photos seem intentionally kitsch. Here is Olga stepping out of an open-topped sports car wearing a leopardskin thong and fetish sandals. There she is lying flat on her back naked in a field of long grass, being ravaged by a lobster. Others are strangely ambiguous. There are black and white poses of her in leather hotpants, zip open at the front, with collar and whip, but looking like a mother smiling at her newborn baby. As Marie Antoinette, complete with beauty spot, Olga looks demure, almost virginal, until you see that she is holding a black dildo. She is naked in most of the photographs, apart from the odd wisp of lace or bondage tie, and an elaborate labial piercing is clearly on show throughout. Olga describes the pictures as representing 'broken glamour - they are fractured images. A friend of mine said, "I didn't think anyone could improve on Madonna's Sex book but you have".”— Observer Woman, London, Großbritannien
“When Russian oligarch Sergei Rodionov married a former Helmut Newton model named Olga, he celebrated by commissioning French photographer Bettina Rheims to shoot her-in a variety of pornographic poses. (Yep: that old wedding gift.) Initially, the photographs were for his, uh, personal use, but Rodionov was so pleased with the results, he decided to spread the wealth. The result? The Book of Olga, limited to 1,000 supersized signed and numbered copies, featuring the billionaire's wife in a variety of comprising positions. (In case you were wondering, that's not Rodionov in the picture above.) For her part, Olga says she has no problem showing off her body, but, as she told The Times, "I am not an exhibitionist." Forgive us if we're skeptical.”— GQ, New York, USA
„Im TASCHEN-Verlag ist wieder einmal ein gewagter Fotoband erschienen. Bettina Rheims Fotobuch The Book of Olga zeigt Olga Rodionova in drei verschiedenen erotischen Szenerien. Rodionova's Mann engagierte dazu die französische Fotografin und gab die drei Themen Pin-up-Model, Marquise und Domina vor. Bettina Rheims setzte die Vorgaben in ihrer typisch eigenen Bildsprache um. Entstanden sind Fotografien mit dem ganz eigenen Hauch von Erotik. Die beeindruckenden Fotografien der Bettina Rheims kann man im jetzt erschienenen Fotoband The Book of Olga ansehen.“—, Schollen, Deutschland
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Bettina Rheims. The Book of Olga (Collector's Edition)
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Bettina Rheims. The Book of Olga

Bettina Rheims, Catherine Millet
Hardcover in einer Schlagkassette, 11.5 x 17.2 in., 154 Seiten
$ 3,000
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Retrospective Bettina Rheims
27. Januar 2016 - 27. März 2016
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, 5 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris, Frankreich