DO read this book - DON'T let it collect dust!

By Rob Ford. Excerpt from the book 'Guidelines for Online Success'

Firstly, let me give you a brief background on myself and the project I founded, Favourite Website Awards, and then I'll hand you over to many experts from around the world who will give you their unique perspective, insights and tips and tricks on how to achieve success online.

In 1997 I first started creating websites. Those were the days of animated GIFs and lake applets. Three years later I started to use Flash and began designing websites for small businesses who wanted to get on the whole interweb bandwagon. In the same year, 2000, my small agency website, treecity, was chosen as a finalist for the UK's top web award, the Yell UK Web Awards, and the buzz surrounding the whole event was incredible. In May 2000, I set up my own website awards project, Favourite Website Awards, with a sole focus on cutting edge web design and more specifically, sites using Flash. Favourite Website Awards quickly became recognised as FWA and eight years later it has grown into the most visited web award in history.With over 30 million site visits to date, FWA receives over one million site visits per month (and still rising). It has become widely recognised by the industry as the number one achievement for innovative web design through its Site Of The Year award. It was also named the number one web award in the world after winning the Best Web Awards Award from The Chicago Tribune in 2007, beating the likes of the Webby Awards and YouTube Video Awards.

The purpose of this book is to give you access to some of the best brains and most creative and forward thinking minds in the interactive world. There are contributors in this book who have won many of the world's top accolades for new media work, including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D&AD, FWA Site Of The Year, The One Show, Webby Awards, and more.

Guidelines for Online Success will act as your bible on how to go the extra mile when creating websites and marketing your ideas and projects. It will provide you with technology, programming and technical advice as well as giving you an insight into the best ways to manage content and the whole e-commerce side of things. You will gain unique perspectives from many different agencies across numerous countries, all of whom add to the wonderful mix of culture and creativity that makes the web such a colorful and inspiring place. For example, have you ever wondered why the Japanese have always been good at minimal expression? Maybe you have seen a weird and wacky website overflowing with character and personality that you will never forget? How about a website that boasts great logic and intelligent content management? Or even a website that just had incredibly clear sound playing on it? You can find out about all of these areas and many more, directly from the people who excel on these particular subjects. Guidelines for Online Success is broken down into six chapters: Interface & Design; Marketing & Communication; Technology & Programming; Technical Advice; Content/Content Management; and E-Commerce. Each chapter is introduced by someone we could all dream of having as a mentor and each chapter is broken down into a number of categories, all of which are individually introduced by different people, who are experts in their field from around the globe. Each category has three or four example websites, all hand picked by myself from my initial list of over two thousand award winning websites. They are what I would class as the best, most outstanding and influential examples of their kind. Please remember that this book has been created to give you an extra edge when designing and developing and it is not an idiot's guide on how to build a website. This book is about how to succeed online and how you can gain an edge on your competitors and also win industry acclaim as well as respect from your peers.

Guidelines for Online Success has website examples from over thirty countries with contributions from people in more than twenty countries. This is a universal book for people all over the world, just as the Internet is itself. Finally, the cherry on the cake of this book is the Dos and Don'ts, which you'll find in every category and these should become your mantra when designing and developing, as they will tell you what you should and shouldn't do. By following the advice of people who have gained worldwide recognition for their work, you too could soon start to see your client base growing and some industry awards for your new-found creativity.