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„Dieser Band zeigt herausragende Beispiele aus aller Welt und verfolgt auch die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Genres nach. Es lohnt, sich in die Seiten zu versenken: Man findet dort zahlreiche Anregungen und lernt eine Menge.”— Docma, Lüneburg, Deutschland
"Information Graphics (edizioni TASCHEN) è un libro unico, un'analisi approfondita del lavoro dei maestri di questo settore che ha cambiato il nostro modo di "parlare", "scrivere" e di esprimerci."— Book Moda, Milano, Italien
"Impressionnante et audacieuse édition."— Mémoire des arts, Lyon, Frankreich
"When I arrived at the Dig office last week, there at my desk was a holy grail —Information Graphics by TASCHEN. This infographic-rich release is innovative and cleverly compiled; a work of art itself with silver, embossed lettering and neon color-coded tabs... The quantity of graphics is initially intimidating, but TASCHEN has the best of the best in this tome and makes it all very enjoyable to take in."—, Boston, USA
"Parce que «voir c’est comprendre» ou encore parce qu’«un dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours», voici un ouvrage qui présente des informations uniquement sous leur forme graphique... La géographie a son activité illustrative situationnelle, et la cartographie domine dans la production d’atlas, de guides et de plans. Au-delà de ces spécialisations sectorielles, cet ouvrage aborde la récente évolution des infographies et de la visualisation des données. L’historienne d’art Sandra Rendgen a réuni 200 projets et 400 exemples de graphiques informatifs produits dans le monde. Chaque graphique choisi est expliqué et détaillé pour que le lecteur comprenne la démarche initiale. Darwin, en son temps, avait choisi lui aussi de matérialiser, sous cette forme, sa théorie de l’évolution."— Caractère, Paris, Frankreich
„Sandra Rendgen öffnete mit Hilfe des genialen Popdesigners Julius Wiedemann eine schwergewichtige Schatztruhe. Information Graphics, ein Bollwerk gegen die Informationsüberflutung.”— NDR Kultur, Hannover, Deutschland
"Riding the persistent wave of popular interest in data visualisation, TASCHEN’s Information Graphics is a shelf-breaking extensive compendium of the past few years’ infographic explosion. Prefaced by four essays (from Simon Rogers’ rousing paean to data journalism, to Paolo Ciuccarelli’s rather less cohesive meanderings) the bulk of the book comprises almost 400 oversized pages of relentless graphic overload."— Eye, London, Großbritannien
"The publisher excels at the thoughtfully designed and engagingly written physical book. Its analysis of graphic design past and present together with its rich selection of images provide a wonderful framework for this visual world that is forever evolving. This is a book to read, or to browse. It is one to inspire not just those in the profession but any of us who is interested in the history and practice of communicating visually."— Design Talks, London, Großbritannien
“Resembling a massive black monolith, TASCHEN’s Information Graphics has a presence that is hard to ignore; an impressive tome such as this would not look out of place alongside the most comprehensive of the world atlases. It is clear that this book is a celebration of elegance, ingenuity, and design in the visual communication of information. Each of these wonderfully broad-ranging graphics from the fields of medicine, journalism, planning, education, and astronomy, is explained by an informative caption. The examples…are well chosen and, where applicable, superbly reproduced in full colour…Many graphics in these sections occupy fold-outs that add to the already delightful reading experience. The Infographica poster…is a bonus…this offering from TASCHEN is a definite guide to the state of the art. The book contains an uncompromising range of examples…from which cartographers should find much inspiration.”— Bulletin of the Society of Cartographers, Canterbury, Großbritannien
Information Graphics is a great visual reference. There are many interesting ways of presenting information. That should inspire some ideas.”— Parka Blog, Singapore, Singapur
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Information Graphics (Jumbo)

Information Graphics

Sandra Rendgen, Julius Wiedemann
Hardcover mit Poster, 9.7 x 14.6 in., 480 Seiten
$ 69.99
Mehrsprachige Ausgabe: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
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