Santiago Calatrava. Complete Works 1979-2009 - Rezensionen

"TASCHEN's new tome on the Spanish-born architect contains the designer's complete works, from his sinewed bridges to his audacious high-rises. And while some of his boldest projects - the Chicago Spire and New York City's 80 South Street - succumb to the global real estate crisis, the book faithfully represents the artist's full body of work. Experimental sketches recalling Auguste Rodin complement gorgeous photographic spreads and renderings."— Out Magazine, New York, USA
"For those looking to get up-to-date with one of our most forward-thinking architects, this will do nicely."— 944 Magazine, Las Vegas, USA
"Un très bel ouvrage qui sera apprécié par les professionnels, les enseignants et les élèves d'écoles d'architecture."— Mémoire des arts, Lyon, Frankreich
Santiago Calatrava. Complete Works 1979-2009 (Jumbo, T25)

Santiago Calatrava. Complete Works 1979-2009

Philip Jodidio
Hardcover, 9.0 x 11.4 in., 528 Seiten
$ 39.99

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