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"This beautifully visual title brings together a broad-ranging selection of extraordinary dwellings from across the globe. From houses that seem to ‘float’ above the ground, to tropical gardens and palatial properties, all of them display remarkable structural and aesthetic mastery at its best."— Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine, Großbritannien
"Eine neue Pflichtlektüre für alle Architekturliebhaber: Architecture Now! bietet einen breit angelegten Überblick über die Architektur unserer Zeit, von modernen Klassikern bis hin zu extrem avantgardistischen Entwürfen."— Velvet, Essen, Deutschland
"Architecture Now! Houses 2 aus dem TASCHEN Verlag gibt Antworten auf Gestaltungsfragen. Wie kann ich mein Budget sinnvoll nutzen und wo stoße ich an architektonische Grenzen? Dafür ist der Autor Philip Jodidio um die ganze Welt gereist und hat herausragende Beispiele in diesem Buch zusammengestellt."—, Essen, Deutschland
"Architecture worth applauding doesn’t always mean cloud-bothering skyscrapers, solar-powered sports stadiums or pavilions covered by 60,000 transparent optical strands. Individual residences are often worth admiring, photographing and putting in a book. And, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can even live in one…Architecture Now! Houses 2, is a collection of the best recently completed residential buildings around the globe. It includes Villa Vals – a pair of houses built into the Swiss hills – an eco friendly beach house called Malibu 5, located not at all surprisingly, in the Californian coastal city of Malibu. And the ultimate ego boost if you’re feeling flush? Lying back in one of these houses featured while reading about it. Although you’ll have to fork out considerably more than the cover price to do so."— Shortlist, London, Großbritannien
"Nous avions adoré le premier volume d’Architecture Now! Houses, TASCHEN nous met en joie avec ce Vol.2 et nous propose de nouvelles demeures d’exception!!!... De châteaux postmodernes à des cabanes high-tech, Architecture Now! Houses 2 est une brillante sélection des plus remarquables maisons récemment construites dans le monde."—, Frankreich
"È una sorta di bibbia, è la collana internazionale di architettura che ha il compito di segnalare le case più belle del mondo. Nel volume Architecture Now! Houses pubblicato dalla casa editrice TASCHEN e redatto da Philip Jodidio, ha uno spazio di tutto rispetto la residenza I Tulipani di Viale Trento e Trieste, realizzata dalla Studio Arkabi di Giorgio Palù e Michele Bianchi. Sei pagine che pesano, che sono un segno di riconoscimento internazionale dell'architettura e dell'estetica portata avanti da Giorgio Palù e Michele Bianchi, uno stile inconfondibile che rielabora gli spazi abitativi con un'attenzione originale alla luce, alla possibilità di fare di ogni abitazione una sorta di attico con giardino pensile annesso"— La Provincia di Cremona, Italien
"Take a ride around the world’s best new houses with TASCHEN’s second Architecture Now! Houses book. From timber shacks to glazed pavilions, there’s weird and wonderful inspiration for all."— Grand Designs, London, Großbritannien
"Architecture en bois d’aujourd’hui et maison contemporaine: deux nouveaux titres de l’impressionnante collection Architecture Now! signés par l’intarissable Philip Jodidio…Le tour d’horizon est passionnant, riche en découvertes inattendues."— Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Strasbourg, Frankreich
„Wohnen geht auch anders. Wie, das zeigt Architekturexperte Philip Jodidio auf 400 beeindruckenden Seiten… Jodidio präsentiert eine Werkschau der berühmtesten und innovativsten Architekten der Welt, Projekte zwischen Experiment und Grenzgang. Kunstwerke.“—, Mainz, Deutschland
"The Now! series of books have become a real must-have for us as they’re well photographed, well written and packed full of great home ideas. Reading like a Who’s Who of architects, various practices from around the world share ideas for creating modern, exciting home spaces. But if some of them seem over the top – like the house that appears to hover – then look beyond and be inspired by the colours, finishes and furnishings featured."— Sunday Mail, Glasgow, Großbritannien
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Architecture Now! Houses. Vol. 2 (Midi-Format)

Architecture Now! Houses. Vol. 2

Philip Jodidio
Flexicover mit Klappen, 7.7 x 9.8 in., 416 Seiten
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